Decision-Analytic Platform



Description of the datasets collected and/or generated for the AWESOME project.



The AWESOME Community was created on Zenodo where the project’s resources have been stored in open-access (i.e., description, data, inputs/outputs, publications, deliverables). The AWESOME modelling platform is constituted by the following components and corresponding resources:

  • Macro level:
    • Future scenarios generation
      • Demographic and socioeconomic projections
      • Climate change scenarios
      • Water and food demand (WATNEEDS crop model)
      • Energy demand (OSEMOSYS energy model)
    • Macro economic models at the Mediterranean/Regional scale
      • Integrated Assessment Model (IAM)
      • Computable General Equilibrium Model (CGE)
  • Meso level:┬áModel of the Nile River Basin
    • Modeling framework based on hydrological models and combined with the results of systems analysis methods with advanced a-posteriori multi-objective optimization algorithms.
  • Micro / local level:
    • Soilless technologies in the demo site (hydroponics, aquaculture, aquaponics)
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